How to write college essays excellently?

Once upon a time, a competition was held on essay writing at my college. When I remember my college days it seems like as though it was a few days ago when I studied there because I greatly enjoyed my college days.

I can recall two different topics were assigned to us, students. We were given the task to write both in favor of & against the topic. The issue with my fellow student was that she was not aware of how to write an essay.

In those days, my fictions had recently started to be published in magazines and I was known as a fictionist in the circle of my friends. My friends invited me to come up to the stage to tell them a few tips & tricks to writing an article.

It just freaked me out & I went to the stage, stood there and stated what came to my head. Let me say what I then said there. Here I go!

Dear friends! The first rule to write the best article is to learn the right way of how to hold the pen in your hands. Some of my friends raised their eyebrows as well.

And now that I’m 47, I still miss those moments so much so that it brings me tears in my eyes.

Once you learn the right way of holding the pen in your hands, you have to search for a white paper or simple unwritten paper and hold on it with your full control so that no other student can snatch it from you.

And then, what you need to do is make a margin on the left side of the page so no word should cross that borderline. And then, write the greetings to please them so they read your article until the end of it, otherwise, they might leave your essay in the middle because of not being flattered.

Well, that was just a glimpse of my college days. Much has changed until now. Coming to the actual point, if you really want to learn how to write a good article, visit and learn useful tips and tricks right now.